Mission Statement

Founded on January 4, 1993, CRIMEFIGHTERS is Louisiana’s largest pro-bono (free) organization dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and advocates for stronger laws against violent criminals and recidivists (repeat offenders of violent crime).
CRIMEFIGHTERS works to advance victim rights through public policy efforts on both local and state levels through the promotion of education and awareness about the rights and needs of crime victims. The organization works to improve services for victims to assist in their emotional, financial and physical recovery.
CRIMEFIGHTERS accomplishes its mission through support from private and corporate foundations, our annual fishing rodeo, our yearly awards ceremony (gala) and individual contributions. CRIMEFIGHTERS will do everything within its legal power to make certain that violent criminals who hurt innocent and productive citizens are brought to face the consequences of their criminal activity.  We encourage court watching on behalf of our victims.
CRIMEFIGHTERS seeks the maximum penalty on crimes of violence such as but not limited to:
1st and 2nd degree Homicide
1st and 2nd degree Manslaughter
Vehicular Homicide
Negligent Homicide
Aggravated Rape
Simple Rape
Sexual Battery
Aggravated Burglary
Simple Burglary
Aggravated Battery
Simple Battery
Aggravated Assault
Simple Assault
Child Molestation
Possession with intent to distribute narcotics
CRIMEFIGHTERS is Louisiana’s largest pro-bono (free) victims’ right organization. We open membership to all citizens regardless of race, religion or national origin. New members are required to become registered voters within 90 days of joining.