Crime Fighters of Louisiana
Standing up for the rights of VICTIMS!



Dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and advocate for stronger laws against violent criminals.


  1. Sheila Girlinghouse-Louisiana Women Against Crime

  2. Reporter Dennis Woltering-WWL TV Channel 4 in New Orleans

  3. Investigative Reporter Richard Angelico-WDSU News-Channel 6 in N.O.

  4. Julie Magri Savoie-Outstanding Recruiters Award- 1994, 1995

  5. Retired Captain Chester G. Cooke, III (NOPD)

  6. Former DA Ricky Bryant-Lake Charles Louisiana

  7. Parish President Billy Nungesser-Plaquemines Parish, LA

  8. Mayor David J. Carmadelle-Mayor of Grand Isle, LA

  9. Council Chairman John F. Young, Jr.-Integrity Award 2010

  10. James I. Sandifer-President, Common Sense Against Crime

  11. Former Sheriff Beth Lundy-Calcasieu Parish, LA

  12. Assistant DA Al Winters-US Attorneys Office

  13. Former Orleans Parish DA Harry Fowler Connick

  14. Archbishop Phillip M. Hannan-Man Of The Decade Award (2001)

  15. State Representative Jerry "Truck" Gisclair-District 54 of Louisiana

  16. Governor Murphy J. "Mike" Foster

  17. Attorney (Pro-bono) Rusty Savoie, J.D.-St. Tammany Parish

  18. Attorney (Pro-bono) Provina "Vinny" Mosca, J.D.-Jefferson Parish

  19. Justine T. Ballay-Outstanding Recruiter Award-2nd Place (2008-2011)

  20. Judge Hans Liljeberg-Outstanding Judge-24th JDC

  21. Angela W. Bearden-Special Award of Merit

  22. Mayor Vinny Mosca-Special Award of Merit-Pro Bono Attorney

  23. Irvin L. Magri, Jr.-Outstanding Recruiter Award-1st Place (2008-2011)

  24. Attorney (Pro-bono) Harry "Chip" Cahill-Special Award of Merit

  25. Travers Mackel-Outstanding Investigative Reporter-WDSU-TV-Channel 6- New Orleans

  26. Christopher Tidmore- Radio Show host, "Tidmore in the Mornings"- Special Award of Merit

  27. Asst. Attorney General David Cardwell-Special Award of Merit-Louisiana Attorney General Office

  28. Attorney (Pro-bono) Robert J. Caluda-Special Award of Merit

  29. Attorney (Pro-bono) David Courcelle-Special Award of Merit

  30. Attorney (Pro-bono) Rusty Savoie-Special Award of Merit

  31. Lt. L.J. Canal- Special Award of Merit-NOPD Ret.

  32. Chris Owens-Tourism and Civic Award(1996,2001,2007)

  33. Chief Sal Lentini-Lifetime Achievement Award-Ret. Kenner Police

  34. Justine T. Ballay-Outstanding Executive Board Member Award

  35. The Kershenstine Family

  36. Lt. David M. Benelli-Outstanding Law Enforcement Award-NOPD

  37. Lt. David M. Benelli-Special Award of Merit-NOPD

  38. Irvin Magri Jr.-Lifetime Achievement Award-NOPD Ret. Supervisor

  39. Joan Brooks- Special Award of Merit

  40. Jeff Crouere- Television and Radio show host, "Ringside Politics-With a Punch"-Special Award of Merit

  41. State Attorney General James D. "Buddy" Calwell

  42. District Attorney Paul Connick-Jefferson Parish

  43. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro-Orleans Parish

  44. United States Attorney Jim Letten-Eastern District of Louisiana

Vote Against LA Senate Bill 243

We ask all members of Crime Fighters.
as well as everyone everywhere to vote against
Which would require that on a jury of a felony trial- all 12 jurors must agree to convict .
Otherwise, rapist, murderers, and child molesters will go free.
Currently, La law states only 10 out of 12 jurors must agree to convict.
And that's how it needs to stay.

Vote Against LA BILL : 243 on November 6