An Important Message from our Founder & State President

Irvin L. Magri, Jr.

  • Founder and State President, CRIMEFIGHTERS, LLC
  • Criminologist - Loyola University of the South (New Orleans)
  • Retired New Orleans Police Detective & Supervisor
  • Former Lieutenant and Chief Instructor - Mandeville, LA Police Department
  • Former Assistant Chief of Police - Grand Isle Police Department
  • Current Lieutenant - Grand Isle Police Department
  • P.O.S.T. Certified Specialty Instructor in Louisiana
  • Former Chairman - Louisiana Pardon Board
  • Former Member - Louisiana Parole Board
  • Former Chairman - Governor's Anti-Narcotics Speakers Bureau
  • Radio Host - "Crimewave" (1989-present) - formerly The Detectives (1967-1989) - Louisiana's oldest, continuous call-in and talk radio show
  • Past President - Police & Firemen's Holy Name Society with spiritual director - the late & great Father Peter V. Rogers, OMI (1968-1970)
  • Former Chairman - Right-to-Life Speakers Bureau under the late & great Archbishop Philip Hannan
  • Founder and Past President - Police Association of New Orleans (PANO)
  • Former State President - Louisiana Police State Central Committee (Representing 22 Police Unions)
  • Former National Secretary-Treasurer (#2 position in America) - National Union of Police Officers

Founded in 1993, CRIMEFIGHTERS is Louisiana’s largest organization dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and advocate for stronger laws against violent criminals.

CRIMEFIGHTERS works to advance victim rights through public policy efforts on both local and state levels through the promotion of education and awareness about the rights and needs of crime victims. The organization works to improve services for victims to assist in their emotional, financial and physical recovery. CRIMEFIGHTERS accomplishes its mission through support from private and corporate foundations, and individual contributions.

In most cases, licensed Louisiana Attorneys, licensed Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors and Dentists simply donate their services to the victims on a 100% pro-bono basis. While these Attorneys cannot and do not take the place of the Assistant District Attorney and/or District Attorney, they assist the victim (or in cases of homicide, the surviving family members) in navigating through the Criminal Justice process. In cases of violence, our victims are given pro bono (free) psychological and psychiatric assistance. The same situation applies if a victim has been injured by a violent perpetrator – CRIMEFIGHTERS will offer pro bono medical services from a licensed Medical Doctor and/or Dentist.

CRIMEFIGHTERS will do everything within its legal power to make certain that violent criminals who hurt innocent and productive citizens are brought to face the consequences of their criminal activity. CRIMEFIGHTERS seeks the maximum penalty on crimes of violence such as but not limited to 1st and 2nd degree Homicide, Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide, Negligent Homicide, Aggravated Rape, Simple Rape, Sexual Battery, Carjacking, Kidnapping, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Child Molestation, etc.

CRIMEFIGHTERS is composed of thousands upon thousands of Members throughout the Great State of Louisiana and a fifty (50) Member Executive Board. Many Executive Board Members are active
Attorneys, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers, business men and women and, yes, victims of violent crime who all serve on a pro bono basis. Please see the link to the left for the full list of our Executive Board Members. 

It is completely free to join CRIMEFIGHTERS. Our Membership is open to all citizens regardless of race, religion or National origin. We strongly urge you, as a concerned citizen and/or a victim, to joinour ever-growing ranks and march for victory for the innocent victims of violent crime. Please do not wait until you or a loved one becomes a victim of a crime before joining. There is strength and unity in numbers and together we can all make a huge difference in the Criminal Justice System. All members are required to become registered voters within 90 days of joining.

For your information, pro-criminal organizations in Louisiana easily outnumber victim rights organizations like CRIMEFIGHTERS. In order to get the attention of our Elected Officials, we need to continue to grow our membership as we reserve the right to endorse pro-victim candidates for Public Office. Please use the link on the left to fill in and submit your FREE membership application today. You will not be charged any membership dues whatsoever. Your membership in fighting violent crime is deeply appreciated by CRIMEFIGHTERS!